#NRC – Nike Run Club Seattle


Excuse me while I play catch up…

Let me bring you back 19 weeks ago – to August 2015!

Up until this point, I had been running solo. I had been consistently running for the past year and a half, but never with any type of run club.

My friend Susie had invited me to sign up for the Nike Run Club. The Niketown in Seattle had been remodeled and in celebration of their grand opening as Nike Seattle, they were having a special Home Run!

Here is my caption from Instagram for the photo on the water taxi:
kft206Nike ➡ Pier ➡ Water Taxi ➡ Alki ➡ 5 Mile Run ✔
Amazing adventure today with @susieeekim @nikeseattle !
#NRC #NikeSeattle #werunsea #nikerunningclub
@vanessaywong: Great job today and great meeting you! Hope to see you more often, if not at least, hope to see you at the 10k!!!
@susieeekim:Thanks for pushing me and making sure I didn’t drown in the water love 😘😘😘😘
@kft206: Thanks @vanessaywong! Hope to see you again next week!
@kft206: @susieeekim I got you girl! 🏊💯
@jessuhcuh: Awesome job!
@kft206:@jessuhcuh thanks girl!

I love looking back at the captions, because this was also the day that I met Vanessa and Jessica – who I would see at many more NRC’s to come.

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