The story of how I signed up for my First Half Marathon
The 2015 Seattle Half Marathon!

Up until this day, I had planned for my First Half Marathon to be the Rock n’ Roll Seattle Half, in  June 2016. I had gone to NRC SEA, as I had many times before. I was surprised to find that the Seattle Marathon group had set up a little booth at NRC that week. This was when I was introduced to Michelle at Seattle Marathon and Barry from Kiwanis Seattle. Michelle and Barry spoke briefly to the group before we headed out for our run. If we signed up for the Seattle Marathon (Full or Half) we could receive a discounted rate. They also explained the Run 4 A Cause partnership – where runners could join with Kiwanis Seattle to raise funds for their cause and in return, Kiwanis would pay their registration fee that day.

The whole time I was running – I was thinking in the back of my head – debating on whether I should sign up or not. I was comfortable with my First Half being in June 2016 – that was over 8 months away –  plenty of time to prepare! If I signed up for the Seattle Half that night, I would have one month to prepare! (Keep in mind that I had been running regularly for over a year at this time.) I knew I could do it, and with the encouragement of my Sole-Sisters and family, I rose to the challenge!

Well, when we got back – I went for it! I signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon in partnership with Kiwanis Seattle in the Run 4 A Cause program. (I will write a separate post about my experience fundraising for Kiwanis).

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.43.11 PM
I received information on how to set up a profile and raise funds through Everyday Hero – which I definitely recommend. I began reaching out to my family and friends and was overwhelmed by the support I received!

In addition to raising funds, I also began searching for advice from fellow runners. I compiled this advice into one image for me to focus on. I became aware of how welcoming the running community really is. There are SO many runners who will take the time from their day to really explain their stories and give you advice from their own experiences. If you haven’t already, I definitely recommend finding a local running group – as well as groups on social media. I found both to be amazingly helpful.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.41.31 PM

As far as training goes, I used the Nike Running App Coach to help me create a schedule for my runs. I had a goal for the next four weeks, broken into daily runs, one cross train and one rest day per week. Being able to visualize and focus on a daily basis really helped me to not become overwhelmed with the final goal. To be honest – I was not able to keep up with the training program 100%, but I did do my best! If it had not been for this program, I probably would not pushed myself to take that vital 12 mile long run (a new PR from 9 miles).

A few weeks before race day, I was invited by a family friend – named Celeste – to go preview some of the race route with her run club, Cascade Run Club.  I invited my friend Susie to join (who was also running the Seattle Half) and we headed down to meet the group at the Japanese Gardens. We ran the “hilly” part of the route and also received advice from their Coach and an Elite Runner. This morning of preparation was so helpful on race day. I can not thank Celeste and Cascade Run Club enough for welcoming us to their session that morning!

Needless to say, I was blessed to be surrounded by a great support system and definitely feel that I was more then prepared for my First Half.




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