March 20th, 2016

The 2016 Mercer Island Half was my 2nd Half Marathon and first race of the year.

As a participant, I really appreciate how well organized and staffed the event was – the expo, parking, maps, race day, route support, etc. I really felt that the Mercer Island Community embraced the event and runners. There were a lot of families showing their support in the neighborhoods and local businesses opened their parking lots to the events FREE of charge.

The route was definitely a challenge, but that’s the point right?! It wasn’t the steep hills that I had anticipated when many veterans told me it was “hilly”, but more of the windy rolling hills. The last few miles were the TOUGH for me, even the finish was on top of a hill – so SAVE some energy for those last two! The route follows residential roads around the entire island – get ready for some beautiful views and amazing houses – My interest in architecture really got me distracted.

I would definitely recommend this race, and would even run it again myself! A great start to the running season!

My BIGGEST Challenge was with my technology. I always always use my Nike+ Running App when I run, both training and races. I love how I am able to hear my pace and time read to me every mile – this helps me adjust my pace to whatever my goal is. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, my app was not working during the race and of course I didn’t have my FitBit on so I had no idea of my pace or the time. I was really surprised how much this effected me mentally. I could feel my anxiety rising and rising, I wasn’t able to really get “lost” in the run and find my rhythm. This has been something I’ve been really putting thought into this week, my dependency on technology.

Here is a bit from my Instagram post earlier this week:


“✌🏽️Runners, ✌🏽️Medals, ✌🏽️PR’s!!
My goals for the #MERCERISLANDHALF were:
1️⃣ Finish Strong & Healthy (Injury Free)
2️⃣ Beat my PR (2:08)

The hard work and training paid off, because both goals were accomplished! Final time ⏱ 2:00:52
So proud of sole sister @tiffany.hom, who also set a new PR! I also owe my strong start to Tiff, who I was trailing for the first 4 miles (before she TOOK OFF!😘👏🏽)

Thankful for my #1 supporter @dialtone206 and my family. Also grateful for the #NRCsea team, lead by @coach_kal for the continued support and inspiration – I know both Tiff and my PR’s are results from the weekly speed runs!”

Sidenote: I had the opportunity to volunteer at the expo (say “hello” to one of the many parking lot volunteers!) Race registrations are pricey, most races also usually need people to volunteer their time. In this case, I was able to volunteer my time in exchange for comped registration! #WINNING



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