HIKE | Monte Cristo

Photos from my day hike to Monte Cristo with Nicole!
Definitely recommend this hike! It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s worth it. Long, but not too much elevation. Beautiful scenery and a hard to describe “nostalgic” experience.
If I hike it again, I’ll plan better to hike the extra miles from the town.

“Hike to an old mining town by heading up a long-closed road along the South Fork Sauk River. This route largely sticks to the old route taken by miners over a century ago.

In the 1890s a mining boom brought thousands of men to Monte Cristo, an isolated area nestled in the mountains along the eastern edge of today’s Snohomish County. To deliver the lead-silver ore to Everett, a railway was built along the South Fork of the Sauk River. Homesteaders filled the valley and the miners created two tiers of housing at the steep Monte Cristo site, as well as mills to process the ore. By 1893 there were more than 200 mining claims. However, the dreams of riches came to a crashing halt as funding woes, flooding along the rail line and miscalculations about the mining potential caused the production to stall and then cease by 1907. There were a few attempts to make this a resort destination, but they too were abandoned.

Monte Cristo is a ghost town today. A few relics remain, but not much. When visiting, do respect the remaining structures and property. Take photos and imagine the scene here more than a hundred years ago – teaming with men and with tramways bringing ore down from the steep hillsides.” – Washington Trails Association



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