RUN | Seattle Marathon Half 2017

#RUNSEA17 13.1 miles 🏁

Dear @seattlemarathon,

Thank you for another incredible + challenging race!!! This was my third consecutive year running your Half Marathon and I have to say you never disappoint.

That new course was definitely not for the faint hearted (or runner looking to PR😆) – hills on hills AND steep switchbacks!! Call me crazy, but I’m glad I didn’t study the elevations prior, because at times it felt that the only thing that kept me going was not knowing what was around the corner (and praying it was down hill! 😅) I literally kept repeating in my head, “What goes up must come down”.

Also, I love racing the weekend after Thanksgiving – what better way to burn that holiday stress (and those extra calories 😜)? The uncertainty of weather conditions this time of the year is the cherry on top. I’m so grateful we had a dry-ish start to 2 miles and then a dry sun break those last 3 miles. But when the forecast says it’s going to rain heavy and you still see all those runners still turning out, it is so inspiring.

Can’t wait to see you next year for #runsea18 …it might be time to push for the full 🤔🙃

❤️ K

P.S. I’m so GRATEFUL for everyone who was able to visit, share and/or contribute to my fundraising page. We successfully exceeded our goal!!!

There is currently $336.42 raised for @Kiwanis Seattle (and its not too late to donate!!) Thank you all for the encouragement and support! 🙏🏽


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